HWH® Install Information
725S Series, Leveleze® Single-Step Computer-Control Hydraulic Leveling System
(with BI-AXIS® Touch Panel Control and Straight-Acting Spring-Retract Jacks)

(Filename:  ML44100BL_SPR_LESY_AP49821.XLS  |  Revised:  26OCT15)
OPERATOR & SALES Information Click to Link
  HWH® Sales Brochure ml51120_ap49821.pdf
  HWH® Operator's Manual ml46430.pdf
SYSTEM Pre-Install Information Click to Link
  Pre-Installation Checks mi351006.pdf
  Pressure Switch Installation 
• For Rear of Dodge Sprinter Chassis mi152008.pdf
• 4000# Jack with Pressure Switch Window in Pivot Bracket mi152102.pdf
  Install Manual  ml56003.pdf
  Instructions for Hooking Up Ignition Power to the
    HWH® 725 Sprinter Leveling System.
    (Daimler® Publication:  "Sprinter® Body & Equipment Guidelines")
    1.) Click the link
    2.) Enter your email address, Check the box next to"I agree to receive communications from the Upfitter Portal. *" and click Submit
    3.) Click on Technical Information
    4.) Click on BEG
    5.) Click the Download button under Body and Equipment Guide (BEG) 05/01/2015 
COMPONENT Install Information Click to Link
  Jack Kit, Front  |  AP37523  |  Mounting Diagram mi251077.pdf
  Jack Kit, Front  |  AP37523  |  Install Photo's ml44100bl_spr_ap37523.html
  Jack Kit, Rear  |  AP37524  |  Mounting Diagram
       Crosstie Kit, Rear  |  AP37525  |  Mounting Diagram
  Jack Kit, Rear  |  AP37524  |  Install Photo's
       Crosstie Kit, Rear  |  AP37525  |  Install Photo's
  Power Unit (aka Pump/Control Unit Assembly)  |  Install Instruction Sheet ml53237/mi154751b.pdf
POST Install Information, Adjustments, System Checklist, Maintenance Click to Link
  Information Bulletin: Protection Of Electrical Connections mi9554.pdf
  Instruction Sheet: Sensing Unit Maintenance/Service  mi154571.pdf
  Product/Service Bulletin: Adjustment for all Jack Pressure Switches mi9544.pdf
  Performance Checklist: 725 Series, Leveleze Single Step Computer Controlled Hydraulic Leveling System ml54032.pdf
  Information Bulletin: Maintence of all HWH® Kickdown Jacks, Straight-acting Jacks, and Straight-acting/Pivoting Jacks. mi9575.pdf