HWH® Online Technical School

Lesson 6:  Environmental Air Seals

(General HWH® Environmental Air Seal Information.)

 (Filename:  ML57000-027.DOC  |  Revised:  09SEP15)


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  Air seals are made of an inflatable seal that goes around the perimeter of a slide-out to provide a superior seal against the outside elements.


  Air is forced into the seal after the slide-out has been fully extended or retracted.


  Before the slide-out can be extended or retracted the air seal has to be deflated.


  HWH® air seals are pressurized by their own small air compressor and tank.


  With HWH® slide-out systems, the slide-out control key has to be on to evacuate air from the seal and operate the slide-out.


  After a timed delay, the slide-out panel will indicate the slide-out is ready to operate.


  The slide-out will not operate until the panel indicates the air seal is deflated and it is safe to operate the slide-out without damaging the air seal.


  The air seal will inflate when the slide-out control key switch is turned off or if the ignition switch is slide-out off.