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Lesson 5:  Controller Area Network ("CAN") Technology

(Introduction to CAN Technology.)

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  CAN stands for "Controller Area Network".


  By connecting key devices, CAN allows components to behave more intelligently.  They can share information and coordinate their operation.  They can provide diagnostics information to the customer or service technician.


  Many features that would be impossible to implement without networking become economical and easy through the use of CAN.


  CAN uses just two wires to connect all the devices on the network.  These wires form a digital data bus similar to the Ethernet used to connect PC's, but designed for a harsher environment.  This data pair is run throughout the vehicle, and short drop connections are run from the data bus to each network device.


  CAN allows the operator to work multiple functions from multiple locations.  For example, the HWH® Systems Control Module allows for control of multiple systems on your vehicle including suspension systems, leveling systems (air and hydraulic), slide-out systems (room, generator, and bay door), awnings, automatic steps, energy management systems and more.