(Filename:  MR25.XLS) (Revised:  16NOV15)
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6,000 lb. Lift Capacity
9,000 lb. Lift Capacity
10,000 lb. Lift Capacity
12,000 lb. Lift Capacity
14,000 lb. Lift Capacity
16,000 lb. Lift Capacity
18,000 lb. Lift Capacity
24,000 lb. Lift Capacity
6,000 lb. Lifting Capacity  
AP0130 MR25.2650
AP1334 MR25.2750
AP7729 MR25.2550
AP7786 MR25.2500
AP7787 MR25.2500
AP7900 MR25.2600
AP8082 MR25.2700
AP8512 MR25.2625
AP13326 MR25.2555
AP20975 MR25.2650
AP34331 MR25.2705
AP34499 MR25.2605
AP34501 MR25.2505
AP34502 MR25.2505
AP34503 MR25.2560
AP36400 MR25.2655
AP36514 MR25.2655
AP36945 MR25.2505
AP36946 MR25.2505
AP36952 MR25.2705
AP38530 MR25.2650
AP40490 MR25.2560
AP44322 MR25.2800
AP44445 MR25.2800
AP44594 MR25.2805
AP44595 MR25.2805
AP44659 MR25.2810
AP45076 MR25.2710
AP45077 MR25.2710
AP45078 MR25.2710
AP46762 MR25.2813
AP46763 MR25.2813A
AP46766 MR25.2820
AP46767 MR25.2820
AP48086 MR25.2813B
AP48138 MR25.2813
AP50022 MR25.2813C
9,000 lb. Lifting Capacity  
AP9550 MR25.3100
AP9587 MR25.3110
AP12275 MR25.3112
AP12276 MR25.3112
AP20875 MR25.3111
AP39148 MR25.3105
AP39149 MR25.3107
AP44323 MR25.3200
AP44447 MR25.3200
AP44661 MR25.3205
AP45588 MR25.3115
AP45657 MR25.3213A
AP45660 MR25.3230
AP46747 MR25.3213
AP47071 MR25.3213B
AP48088 MR25.3213C
AP48140 MR25.3213
AP49585 MR25.3235
AP49586 MR25.3213D
AP49587 MR25.3230A
AP49588 MR25.3235A
AP49759 MR25.3230
AP50023 MR25.3213E
10,000 lb. Lifting Capacity  
AP0285 MR25.4100
AP0360 MR25.4200
AP3326 MR25.4050
AP9438 MR25.4150
AP15183 MR25.4100
AP34500 MR25.4205
AP34941 MR25.4205
AP36376 MR25.4210
AP36805 MR25.4215
AP36806 MR25.4215
AP36807 MR25.4210
12,000 lb. Lifting Capacity  
AP3897 MR25.5010
AP3898 MR25.5020
AP4154 MR25.5015
AP9513 MR25.5110
AP9810 MR25.5100
AP45649 MR25.5130A
AP45650 MR25.5115A
AP46748 MR25.5115A
AP46995 MR25.5115B
AP46996 MR25.5115C
AP49471 MR25.5115
AP49472 MR25.5130
AP49515 MR25.5115D
AP49516 MR25.5130B
AP50131 MR25.5130
AP50132 MR25.5130C
14,000 lb. Lifting Capacity  
AP29888 MR25.5500
AP29920 MR25.5500
16,000 lb. Lifting Capacity  
AP1301 MR25.6100
AP12277 MR25.6105
AP20889 MR25.6110
AP45692 MR25.6115A
AP46749 MR25.6115A
AP49490 MR25.6115
AP49520 MR25.6115B
18,000 lb. Lifting Capacity  
AP17855 MR25.7000
AP34559 MR25.7000
AP36127 MR25.7005
AP37136 MR25.7005
24,000 lb. Lifting Capacity  
AP0465 MR25.8100
AP48520 MR25.8105
AP50072 MR25.8106
AP50831 MR25.8107
AP50834 MR25.8108