(Filename:  MR26.XLS) (Revised:  16NOV15)
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3,000 lb. Lifting Capacity
4,000 lb. Lifting Capacity
6,000 lb. Lifting Capacity
9,000 lb. Lifting Capacity
12,000 lb. Lifting Capacity
16,000 lb. Lifting Capacity
24,000 lb. Lifting Capacity
3,000 lb. Lifting Capacity  
AP40881 MR26.1000
4,000 lb. Lifting Capacity  
AP36046 MR26.2000
AP36289 MR26.2000
AP36525 MR26.2000
AP36526 MR26.2000
AP37045 MR26.2040
AP37064 MR26.2040
AP37856 MR26.2030
AP37857 MR26.2030
AP38939 MR26.2010
AP38940 MR26.2010
AP39573 MR26.2010
AP39574 MR26.2010
AP39958 MR26.2020
AP39959 MR26.2020
AP40797 MR26.2045
AP40798 MR26.2045
AP40856 MR26.2045
AP40857 MR26.2045
6,000 lb. Lifting Capacity  
AP0468 MR26.3105
AP1152 MR26.3265
AP1168 MR26.3115
AP1197 MR26.3125
AP1198 MR26.3135
AP1930 MR26.3145
AP2023 MR26.3715
AP2024 MR26.3715
AP2025 MR26.3705
AP2026 MR26.3705
AP8112 MR26.3025
AP8443 MR26.3030
AP8579 MR26.3060
AP9099 MR26.3050
AP9306 MR26.3045
AP11311 MR26.3725
AP11312 MR26.3725
AP14695 MR26.3726
AP14696 MR26.3726
AP14797 MR26.3271
AP14916 MR26.3900
AP14917 MR26.3901
AP15196 MR26.3270
AP16076 MR26.3902
AP16077 MR26.3903
AP16112 MR26.3904
AP16113 MR26.3905
AP17805 MR26.3904
AP17919 MR26.3801
AP17920 MR26.3801
AP17942 MR26.3727
AP17943 MR26.3727
AP18811 MR26.3904
AP18812 MR26.3904
AP18817 MR26.3900
AP19035 MR26.3800
AP19035 MR26.3800
AP19037 MR26.3728
AP19038 MR26.3728
AP20955 MR26.3906
AP21986 MR26.3266
AP22317 MR26.3820
AP26651 MR26.3907
AP26658 MR26.3908
AP27117 MR26.3909
AP27351 MR26.3910
AP28806 MR26.3300
AP28808 MR26.3305
AP28810 MR26.3310
AP29382 MR26.3910
AP29386 MR26.3908
AP29620 MR26.3300
AP29621 MR26.3300
AP29971 MR26.3910
AP29972 MR26.3908
AP29973 MR26.3909
AP30386 MR26.3910
AP31012 MR26.3305
AP31656 MR26.3911
AP31700 MR26.3911
AP32034 MR26.3912
AP32035 MR26.3912
AP32094 MR26.3911
AP32240 MR26.3912
AP32536 MR26.3310
AP32959 MR26.3913
AP32961 MR26.3913
AP33043 MR26.3310
AP33288 MR26.3914
AP33289 MR26.3914
AP33954 MR26.3305
AP34583 MR26.3915
AP34584 MR26.3915
AP35121 MR26.3916
AP35123 MR26.3917
AP35344 MR26.3916
AP35346 MR26.3917
AP35957 MR26.3916
AP36172 MR26.3400
AP36652 MR26.3907
AP37056 MR26.3830
AP37057 MR26.3830
AP37065 MR26.3830
AP37066 MR26.3830
AP37148 MR26.3410
AP37149 MR26.3410
AP37472 MR26.3916
AP37609 MR26.3917
AP39897 MR26.3918
AP40817 MR26.3875
AP41689 MR26.3919
AP41998 MR26.3831
AP41999 MR26.3831
AP43453 MR26.3420
AP43454 MR26.3420
AP44097 MR26.3923
AP44102 MR26.3311
AP45002 MR26.3301
AP45021 MR26.3301
AP45081 MR26.3921
AP45082 MR26.3921
AP45179 MR26.3922
AP45180 MR26.3922
AP45426 MR26.3922
AP51524 MR26.3924
AP51592 MR26.3301
9,000 lb. Lifting Capacity  
AP0154 MR26.4260
AP0391 MR26.4560
AP0393 MR26.4562
AP0585 MR26.4145
AP0947 MR26.4160
AP1042 MR26.4175
AP1120 MR26.4262
AP1204 MR26.4142
AP1613 MR26.4170
AP1615 MR26.4157
AP1901 MR26.4182
AP1954 MR26.4110
AP1955 MR26.4115
AP2199 MR26.4265
AP2416 MR26.4186
AP9551 MR26.4140
AP9832 MR26.4265
AP10107 MR26.4125
AP10331 MR26.4275
AP10466 MR26.4110
AP10717 MR26.4115
AP10793 MR26.4130
AP10882 MR26.4110
AP10908 MR26.4143
AP11517 MR26.4905
AP11546 MR26.4115
AP11703 MR26.4905
AP11712 MR26.4191
AP12076 MR26.4155
AP12504 MR26.4566
AP13154 MR26.4565
AP15291 MR26.4280
AP15292 MR26.4281
AP15561 MR26.4567
AP15891 MR26.4900
AP15892 MR26.4901
AP16105 MR26.4903
AP16106 MR26.4904
AP16108 MR26.4700
AP16109 MR26.4701
AP18307 MR26.4286
AP18308 MR26.4287
AP18813 MR26.4140
AP18815 MR26.4702
AP18816 MR26.4702
AP20239 MR26.4290
AP20313 MR26.4295
AP20316 MR26.4296
AP20770 MR26.4760
AP20771 MR26.4761
AP21091 MR26.4767
AP21092 MR26.4768
AP22419 MR26.4300
AP22420 MR26.4300
AP22657 MR26.4771
AP22658 MR26.4772
AP22808 MR26.4710
AP22809 MR26.4711
AP25151 MR26.4568
AP25180 MR26.4567
AP26327 MR26.4906
AP26328 MR26.4906
AP26659 MR26.4907
AP27118 MR26.4773
AP27352 MR26.4352
AP27777 MR26.4568
AP28812 MR26.4120
AP28814 MR26.4146
AP28816 MR26.4147
AP29355 MR26.4162
AP29368 MR26.4162
AP29384 MR26.4352
AP29388 MR26.4907
AP29390 MR26.4712
AP29392 MR26.4773
AP29547 MR26.4146
AP29622 MR26.4120
AP29623 MR26.4120
AP29974 MR26.4146
AP29975 MR26.4773
AP29976 MR26.4352
AP29977 MR26.4907
AP29978 MR26.4712
AP29979 MR26.4712
AP30414 MR26.4150
AP30717 MR26.4354
AP30718 MR26.4354
AP31632 MR26.4147
AP31653 MR26.4908
AP31701 MR26.4908
AP31982 MR26.4909
AP31983 MR26.4909
AP32241 MR26.4909
AP32875 MR26.4570
AP32876 MR26.4147
AP32960 MR26.4774
AP32962 MR26.4774
AP32964 MR26.4800
AP32965 MR26.4800
AP33027 MR26.4570
AP33118 MR26.4572
AP33119 MR26.4572
AP33120 MR26.4572
AP34592 MR26.4810
AP34593 MR26.4810
AP34595 MR26.4805
AP34596 MR26.4805
AP34641 MR26.4150
AP35122 MR26.4812
AP35124 MR26.4814
AP35345 MR26.4812
AP35347 MR26.4814
AP35510 MR26.4356
AP35511 MR26.4356
AP39927 MR26.4400
AP39928 MR26.4400
AP40145 MR26.4358
AP40146 MR26.4358
AP41323 MR26.4401
AP41690 MR26.4910
AP42310 MR26.4402
AP42559 MR26.4600
AP42560 MR26.4600
AP42562 MR26.4403
AP42563 MR26.4404
AP42564 MR26.4404
AP42908 MR26.4405
AP42917 MR26.4406
AP42918 MR26.4407
AP42984 MR26.4408
AP43007 MR26.4409
AP43097 MR26.4410
AP43099 MR26.4411
AP43163 MR26.4413
AP43164 MR26.4413
AP43165 MR26.4406
AP43180 MR26.4413
AP43438 MR26.4414
AP43770 MR26.4605
AP43850 MR26.4415
AP43875 MR26.4412
AP43876 MR26.4412
AP43911 MR26.4000
AP44101 MR26.4416
AP44179 MR26.4417
AP44180 MR26.4418
AP44181 MR26.4418
AP44256 MR26.3920
AP44257 MR26.4911
AP44287 MR26.4811
AP45083 MR26.4775
AP45084 MR26.4775
AP46577 MR26.4402
AP46799 MR26.4911
AP50453 MR26.4419
AP50454 MR26.4419
AP50846 MR26.4912
AP51266 MR26.4713
12,000 lb. Lifting Capacity  
AP0060 MR26.5952
AP0453 MR26.5950
AP0582 MR26.5407
AP0583 MR26.5405
AP0787 MR26.5162
AP0788 MR26.5161
AP1121 MR26.5270
AP1122 MR26.5115
AP1297 MR26.5410
AP1497 MR26.5120
AP2051 MR26.5955
AP7772 MR26.5015
AP8526 MR26.5010
AP8636 MR26.5040
AP8722 MR26.5555
AP8749 MR26.5160
AP8924 MR26.5565
AP9274 MR26.5267
AP9522 MR26.5112
AP9552 MR26.5110
AP9809 MR26.5265
AP10001 MR26.5267
AP10700 MR26.5130
AP11242 MR26.5411
AP11298 MR26.5135
AP11326 MR26.5145
AP11369 MR26.5155
AP11375 MR26.5420
AP11804 MR26.5415
AP13500 MR26.5116
AP16997 MR26.5280
AP16998 MR26.5281
AP17763 MR26.5411
AP18309 MR26.5166
AP18310 MR26.5167
AP19357 MR26.5287
AP19670 MR26.5171
AP19895 MR26.5286
AP20314 MR26.5176
AP20317 MR26.5177
AP22337 MR26.5700
AP23471 MR26.5156
AP24871 MR26.5412
AP28818 MR26.5300
AP28820 MR26.5275
AP29042 MR26.5305
AP29046 MR26.5305
AP29246 MR26.5180
AP29373 MR26.5180
AP29405 MR26.5300
AP29406 MR26.5300
AP29420 MR26.5310
AP29786 MR26.5275
AP29787 MR26.5275
AP29788 MR26.5164
AP29789 MR26.5164
AP29903 MR26.5315
AP29904 MR26.5315
AP29964 MR26.5320
AP29965 MR26.5320
AP29980 MR26.5310
AP30719 MR26.5425
AP30720 MR26.5425
AP31868 MR26.5277
AP33344 MR26.5325
AP33345 MR26.5325
AP33360 MR26.5164
AP38242 MR26.5330
AP38367 MR26.5765
AP40147 MR26.5182
AP40148 MR26.5182
AP40411 MR26.5335
AP40412 MR26.5335
AP40413 MR26.5340
AP40414 MR26.5340
AP41151 MR26.5750
AP41152 MR26.5751
AP41170 MR26.5752
AP41171 MR26.5765
AP41172 MR26.5753
AP41173 MR26.5754
AP41174 MR26.5754
AP41228 MR26.5755
AP41585 MR26.5759
AP41586 MR26.5760
AP41587 MR26.5760
AP41588 MR26.5761
AP41859 MR26.5762
AP41893 MR26.5763
AP41894 MR26.5764
AP42311 MR26.5756
AP42396 MR26.5757
AP42535 MR26.5758
AP43106 MR26.5766
AP43439 MR26.5767
AP43851 MR26.5768
AP43877 MR26.5769
AP43878 MR26.5769
AP44021 MR26.5770
AP44186 MR26.5771
AP44187 MR26.5772
AP44188 MR26.5772
AP44649 MR26.5773
AP44795 MR26.5774
AP44796 MR26.5775
AP50457 MR26.5780
AP50783 MR26.5753
16,000 lb. Lifting Capacity  
AP0375 MR26.6405
AP0377 MR26.6407
AP0424 MR26.6955
AP0436 MR26.6550
AP0438 MR26.6107
AP0944 MR26.6117
AP1123 MR26.6410
AP1205 MR26.6110
AP1246 MR26.6555
AP1612 MR26.6120
AP2200 MR26.6552
AP2270 MR26.6260
AP2417 MR26.6125
AP4790 MR26.6005
AP5436 MR26.6013
AP5762 MR26.6025
AP6095 MR26.6072
AP6986 MR26.6007
AP7351 MR26.6055
AP7607 MR26.6065
AP9073 MR26.6010
AP9128 MR26.6070
AP9271 MR26.6552
AP9553 MR26.6105
AP9647 MR26.6020
AP9823 MR26.6255
AP9824 MR26.6257
AP10909 MR26.6110
AP10933 MR26.6551
AP11581 MR26.6072
AP11757 MR26.6015
AP11758 MR26.6015
AP12174 MR26.6021
AP13153 MR26.6105
AP15562 MR26.6107
AP17721 MR26.6017
AP19057 MR26.6024
AP19633 MR26.6023
AP23092 MR26.6560
AP23622 MR26.6119
AP24287 MR26.6113
AP26203 MR26.6030
AP28822 MR26.6057
AP28824 MR26.6058
AP29356 MR26.6060
AP29374 MR26.6060
AP29782 MR26.6058
AP29783 MR26.6058
AP29784 MR26.6063
AP29785 MR26.6063
AP29966 MR26.6057
AP29967 MR26.6118
AP30834 MR26.6600
AP31412 MR26.6601
AP32148 MR26.6035
AP34942 MR26.6602
AP35219 MR26.6603
AP35220 MR26.6603
AP37790 MR26.6604
AP37791 MR26.6605
AP37792 MR26.6606
AP37793 MR26.6606
AP38143 MR26.6607
AP38144 MR26.6607
AP38145 MR26.6608
AP38146 MR26.6609
AP38147 MR26.6609
AP38148 MR26.6610
AP38149 MR26.6610
AP38320 MR26.6611
AP38321 MR26.6612
AP38344 MR26.6613
AP38345 MR26.6613
AP38353 MR26.6614
AP38354 MR26.6614
AP38724 MR26.6615
AP38870 MR26.6616
AP40114 MR26.6617
AP40115 MR26.6617
AP40214 MR26.6615
AP41229 MR26.6604
AP41324 MR26.6618
AP46241 MR28.7000
AP46242 MR28.7010
24,000 lb. Lifting Capacity  
AP0222 MR26.8207
AP0789 MR26.8407
AP2213 MR26.8110
AP3116 MR26.8005
AP5572 MR26.8105
AP6080 MR26.8305
AP6104 MR26.8405
AP6173 MR26.8205
AP9646 MR26.8107
AP10084 MR26.8210
AP11513 MR26.8410
AP18973 MR26.8415
AP19137 MR26.8120
AP19634 MR26.8108
AP26199 MR26.8130
AP29968 MR26.8140
AP29969 MR26.8140
AP30344 MR26.8215
AP31448 MR26.8215
AP32770 MR26.8140
AP33159 MR26.8216
AP33834 MR26.8217
AP34222 MR26.8411
AP36415 MR26.8219
AP37044 MR26.8230
AP37561 MR26.8220
AP37562 MR26.8220
AP38253 MR26.8219
AP38254 MR26.8230
AP38763 MR26.8420
AP41732 MR26.8240
AP41733 MR26.8240
AP41789 MR26.8240
AP41790 MR26.8240
AP46021 MR26.8245