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Phone: (563)724-3396 or (800)321-3494
Fax: (563)724-3408

Business Hours: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Central Time (M-F)

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Cargo/Specialty Trailer Photo Gallery

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This 59' Tri-Level Command Center from TurnKey Industries is equipped with HWH Hydraulic Slide-Outs and HWH Hydraulic Leveling
This trailer is used by Ben Stiller as an on site production vehicle. It features four HWH slide-outs and a complete HWH automatic leveling system. The semi tractor is provided by James Boniface of Bonifazi Heavy Industries (superfuel@mac.com)
This European truck and trailer both feature an HWH 625 Series Leveling System (24V).
This European rig features an HWH 625 Series Leveling System, an HWH Dual Cylinder, Below-Floor Slide-Out (70' extension) and HWH Travel Clamps. (The vehicle tows a trailer that features HWH Landing Gear jacks.)
This truck and trailer, converted by Optima by Pace American, features an HWH Leveling System and HWH Slide-Outs (Universal Straight-Out and Universal Level-Out).
This 53' Race Car Hauler was built by Olympus Technologies, Inc (OTI). It features HWH Landing Gear and an HWH Slide-Out.
This restroom trailer by Ameri-can Engineering utilizes an HWH USO room slide mechanism to increase interior space.
This specialty trailer is built by C & D Sales.
This trailer was built by Western Shelter Mobility for Habits for Life. It features 2 UFO slides and a 16x16 leveling set with double acting jacks in the front and spring return pivot jacks in the rear.
This trailer was built by Western Shelter Mobility as a mobile command center.
This vehicle was built by TriVan Truck Body in Ferndale, WA
It features two HWH under floor slide-out mechanisms that have 4 rams per slide-out with a 60" stroke. Each room is 40' long and also has folding flat floors .
This European Trailer features the following HWH Systems: A 625 Series Leveling system with Landing Gear Jacks, a Four-Cylinder Slide-Out with Room Raising Cylinders and Travel Clamps.
This European Dental Trailer features the following HWH Systems: A 225 Series Leveling System with a Double Slide-Out